About Precinct

Total outdoor recreation environments

Precinct Street & Park is part of Moduplay Group Pty Ltd, A 100% Australian owned manufacturer and builder of Recreation Environments.

Precinct provides innovative Australian made solutions to community asset managers and for areas of public use, such as urban furnishings and shelters.

In 1989 we started in the building on the right and we were called All Parks Equipment.

In 1995 the factory was extended to increase our manufacturing capacity and we changed our name to Moduplay as it better suited the core business. That is to design, manufacture, install and service play area products for places where children and families gather.

In 2003 we bought an adjoining vacant property and built the building on the left as the business continued to grow strongly demanding more space for manufacturing and assembly work for playground area products.

Over the years of supplying products for play areas, we were also supplying street and park furniture for many projects where the need existed. An increasing demand for high-quality street and park furniture, as well as community structures such as picnic shelters, indicated we needed to develop a company structure that would allow for continued growth in all our areas of specialisation.

In 2010 we restructured the business to allow the different areas of expertise to flourish and grow. The Company has now become the Moduplay Group of companies comprising Moduplay and Precinct Street & Park, offering our clients a full-service company for a larger range of products that are used in the creation of outdoor community recreation space.

Currently, we employ staff from many different backgrounds with a broad variety of skill sets. Designers, welders, carpenters, engineers, installers, CAD professionals as well as highly experienced key staff who have a long association with the industry giving many years of experience back to our clients in the form of best outcome projects.

You can see the Moduplay website www.moduplay.com.au 

We’re happy to be able to offer you the professional service you require and may have already experienced from Moduplay, with your street and park infrastructure needs now provided by Precinct Street & Park.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Moduplay Group Team