Urban design is not a one man show.

When done right it is a 360 approach, taking all aspects into consideration and with human interaction.

A lot of time goes into Precinct finished products. We’ve developed in our team a careful approach to choosing the best fit for your space and need to assist you in achieving the best possible outcome.

Here’s how we do it:


Take a standard range and change the size or shape… or start from a blank canvas and tell us what you want.

Our design engineers and CAD visualisation team will present you with exactly what you are looking for. The advantages of our full-in-house design studio are there for your benefit.


Over 30 years working in the playground manufacturing industry have taught us a few things about strength and durability and how to build something that will withstand the rigorus of the Australian environment.

We put all this to work in the development of the Precinct products, including the use of our unique structural extrusions that present a completely new and welcome look to the range.


Precinct harnesses the efficiencies and expertise of the Moduplay Group production facility bringing you state of the art and cost effective Australian manufacturing.

Speed of delivery, quality of product and reliability of back-up support.


Fully equipped to get the job done. Precinct installation crews travel all over Australia to ensure your Precinct products and community assets are installed professionally and on time.

The Project Management Team will engage with you early in the process to ensure your projects run smoothly and give you the best possible outcome.