Here you can find the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer below please contact our team.

Can Precinct Street & Park modify a catalogue product or create a custom urban structure for me?

All Precinct Street & Park table settings and seat products can be modified to fit your space. All steel and aluminium planks used in tables and chairs can be made up to 6m long. Customisation abilities depends on the product, please contact us for specifics.

Do Precinct Street & Park urban products comply with all relevant building codes?

Yes, all shelters are certified by a structural engineer to comply with the relevant construction standards. Building codes and their application to Precinct Street & Park products are something that we look into in great detail, for example including ensuring our shelters have a minimum clearance of 2.1m from ground to the lowest point on the roof structure.

What are the specifications for the materials used in Precinct Street & Park products?

All Precinct Street & Park products use quality materials specifically selected for functionality and location. For a full breakdown of materials and specifications see our blog post on the subject.

What colours are available for Precinct Street & Park products?

Precinct use the Dulux range of powdercoat for metal items so theoretically any colour in that range is available. However, most clients want a carefully designed colour scheme that considers for the other materials used in construction of the urban equipment, so we have a range of colour combinations for you to choose from.

If you have a special project where you need to match other items or colours of existing buildings etc, we’ll do that for you. Just let us know.

How do I minimise corrosion of my Precinct Street & Park products?

Corrosion of the coating occurs mainly as a result of grime deposition and attack by contaminated moisture which in a coastal environment contains salt and sulphur compounds. We recommend frequent cleaning of your products to minimise deterioration.

Visit our Maintenance page for more information.

Can I meet with someone to discuss my project? 

While a site visit is not required, we prefer to visit your site if possible. There is no charge, no obligation and no pushy sales staff and we are sure it will be helpful to you. We can look at the various features of your location that may effect the design of your urban area.

We consider for aspect (direction of the sun) in your design and make the best use of the visit to help you get the best result with your project.

Does Precinct Street & Park install all products?

We install all products as required as careful and professional installation is critical for a great outcome with your project. All of our installers are certified Precinct Service Team members and know how to deliver a great installation experience for you.

What is the life expectancy of Precinct Street & Park products?

While Precinct Street & Park products are made with high quality materials and manufacturing processes, maintenance and upkeep is crucial to longevity of your urban area. We warrant all products for up to 10 years in outdoor environments but the life expectancy for most products is 10-15 years. Life expectancy for products in extreme coastal situations is usually lower due to the corrosive weather conditions of the Australian coast.