Our Warranty

Precinct Street & Park will rectify at its own expense any defects in material supplied or faults in workmanship of the Company appearing in any part of the works supplied and installed by this company in accordance with relevant legislation.

This warranty also includes any “supply only” items and warrants same against defective materials or factory workmanship of the product, except where materials, components or processes comprised in the works are covered by Guarantee or Warranty of a third party, which will supersede the Warranty of the Company given above.

Any defects appearing in the works caused as a result of the misuse by the buyer or any third party, or faulty construction material and/or construction methods attributable to other trades, structural load, vandalism or maltreatment or normal wear and tear is expressly excluded from the provisions of the Company’s Warranty.

This Warranty is conditional and subject to the proprietor or its successors satisfactorily servicing and maintaining in all respects the product supplied by the warrantor and/or any third party supplier of the products covered under this Warranty.