Best outdoor table & chair setting for schools



We often get asked for the best outdoor table setting for schools and universities and other learning centres where students and staff need good quality, comfortable outdoor seating, but is still very affordable.

The design team at Precinct Street & Park have delivered the Keller Table Setting for this very purpose.

The new Keller Table Setting uses a unique enclosed aluminium plank specially designed to function as a seat or table plank. The Precinct Multiplank offers unsurpassed strength and comfort for users.

The Keller Table Setting works very well for outdoor classroom settings for groups of students or as an individual study table.

The enclosed aluminium plank section, with a solid aluminium end cap, means there is nowhere for spiders to nest or for rubbish to be disposed of. The surface of the table is clear anodised which is an extremely durable surface coating (actually it’s in the surface not on the surface) and will not peel off or fade.

If the table setting should be marked with graffiti the anodised surface is the easiest surface to clean. Paint and texta markings simply wipe off with the appropriate solvent cleaner.

The table and chair setting frames are made from heavy wall thickness aluminium and can be coated in any colour you like.

100% Australian made and available in lengths from 1.8m up to 6.0m.

To learn more about the Keller Table Setting or for prices and availability talk to our team here: Contact Us